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The teens behind EarthPix and other viral Twitter feeds go legit


Earlier this year, a piece in The Atlantic disclosed the names of the geniuses behind a series of massively-popular Twitter accounts, including Earth Pics and History In Pics — each with over a million followers. Were they former journalists, or staffers at a science magazine? No. They were teenagers. To be specific, 17-year-old Xavier Di Petta from Australia and 19-year-old Kyle Cameron from Hawaii, and an older friend.

At the time, the three were making close to $1 million a month from advertising on sites that they directed their huge traffic firehoses to. Di Petta and Cameron were both still in school, and their Twitter accounts were less than a year old.

After seeing how much interest — and revenue — they could generate from those accounts and related pages on Facebook and Instagram, Di Petta and Cameron decided to get serious and turn their hobby into a company. That…

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