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Got an iPad and this app? You’ve got a second Mac screen


Ever since the iPad first came out, people have wanted to use their Apple tablets as a second computer monitor, but most of the software that makes that possible transfers data over Wi-Fi — introducing lag and inconsistency. A new app called Duet Display will turn your iPad into an external screen for your Mac, and it does it over the cable you already use to charge and sync.

Duet Display will hit the iOS App Store sometime this week — it’s a backlogged time of the year for the [company]Apple[/company] app approval team — and you can sign up for a notification when it officially becomes available here. On the first day it’s available, it will cost $9.99, and after that it will be $14.99.

Duet Display is developed by Rahul Dewan, who was an engineer at Apple before starting Duet Display. It’s actually two apps — one for your iOS device…

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