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Police Brutality and Living Out of Fear



Finding the right words for this piece was difficult for me, as I am still figuring out a method to write about race in a form that is eloquent and understandable for all. Or perhaps I mean politically correct? Easily digestible? Funny, I’m doing exactly what I aim to argue against in this essay — apologizing for my opinions and my blackness.

It’s so easy to offend someone or a group of people when trying to express the harsh reality of what my group of people endure in this country. Or, quite frankly, it’s so easy for trolls to dissect and misinterpret articles on race and run after the author. The ability to write, intelligently and effectively, is both a brilliance and a burden.

Plus, in light of recent events, I hope I don’t read as a redundant reiteration of what most writers are saying. But quite frankly, this occurrence…

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