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Android antitrust investigators ask Yandex to detail Google woes


The EU’s competition authorities have formally requested evidence from the Russian web giant Yandex regarding a potential new antitrust case against Google, this time over the bundling of Google services with Android.

This investigation – separate from the long-running case over Google’s search practices — is largely about the all-or-nothing bundling and prime placement of the U.S. firm’s “Google Mobile Services” (GMS) proprietary apps and APIs within Android. The GMS apps include the Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, Drive, YouTube, Hangouts and Chrome, while Google’s increasing emphasis on GMS APIs also makes many third-party Android apps more dependent on proprietary Google services. This makes it harder to create non-Google forks of the supposedly open-source Android.

The investigators are also examining the possibility that Google may have used its market power to force manufacturers to cancel or delay the launch of mobile devices that use competing operating systems or ship with…

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