The Chronicles 2014 Japan Trip Coverage… Part 11: The Legendary Osaka Kanjozokus…

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**DISCLAIMER**: STICKYDILJOE.COM does not approve, condone, nor promote street racing of any motor vehicles on public roadways, which include but is not limited to; interstates, highways, or any public motorway as defined by local, state, or federal law, code or regulation.

This is RAW footage that was captured in Japan as merely an observational piece documenting a historical part of Osaka’s car enthusiasts culture. What you see is not scripted in any way nor was it planned. What you will witness is incredibly dangerous and should not be attempted, recreated, or practiced at any time.

All parties who participated do so at their own risk and hold any and all persons associated with STICKYDILJOE.COM harmless of any and all liabilities.

As I discussed early on in my coverage of my journey to Japan last month, there wasn’t a whole lot of planning involved. Everything that I initially had planned seemed…

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