3 rewarding and easy ways to get more out of your food dollar

Two Spoons

With Christmas coming up, most of us will be preparing for some serious feasting. Unfortunately it’s also when we collectively generate the most waste. The surprisingly huge environmental consequences of food waste are hard to brush aside. Around one third of the world’s agricultural land is used to produce food that is subsequently not eaten. This land is often “created” by displacing forests, the animals that live in those forests, and the valuable ecosystem services they provide. Furthermore, growing, processing and distributing food racks up a lot of emissions. In Australia, the food supply chain is the next highest generator of greenhouse emissions, after power stations. After all that, 222 million tonnes of food is then thrown out each year in wealthy nations (in Australia, it’s 4.5 tonnes).

Fortunately, there are plenty of rewards  you get from reducing your food waste, beyond a healthier budget and clearer conscience. As it turns…

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